Is it normal i never waste food?

I always eat what I buy. If I wanted to try something new and don't like it, I'll still eat it. I'll cook it into some rice or eggs or something. I feel bad on those rare occasions when I let food go moldy. Is it normal?

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  • I never waste food either, but I don't eat food I don't like. I give leftovers to the dog or if there's no meat or dairy involved it goes into the compost.

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  • I don't eat anything I don't like, because I have GERD.

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  • you eat orange peel and egg shells?

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  • Good.

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  • We don't cook more than what we eat, and if we do it is to stock the freezer for the next week or two.

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  • If you're fine with it, it's an amazing way to live, and a good effect on the world!

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  • I don’t eat. Or if I do, it’s never really enough to do anything.

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  • i eats 95% of what i buy

    produce kinda sucks sometimes in my area so it goes bad quick

    my family i grew up with throws too much food away

    id say 50-60% of what they buys gits eaten in order to have pilesa food appearin 'bountiful' and 'fresh'

    drives me up a fuckin wall

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