Is it normal i make more than some of the team leads at my job?

I overheard the team leads at my job talking about their pay and bragging to each other. A few mentioned higher numbers than mine, but two of them mentioned theirs and I realized I get paid more an hour than they do despite that fact that their work is probably more important. I'm keeping my mouth shut and not saying anything about it because I'm scared they'll throw a stink about it. Is it normal?

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  • for 10 years or more ive made way more than my bosses

    i gits a fucktona overtime and theyre salaried

    also i got skills and they fill out paperwork

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  • You get for what you do. Perhaps, you're good at doing what you do. And so, you get higher than what others do for.

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  • Maybe you have a lot of seniority on them, and do your job quite well?

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    • I've been there since 2006 and from what I heard those two were there since 2012. Though some of the other ones were there after 2012, so it doesn't really make sense to me. I do work pretty hard. I got my employee evaluation the other day and my manager told me she wishes she could clone me because things actually get done when I'm there. She also said the store needs my strength and speed, and that if I ever want to become a team lead to talk to her. While I do like the positive feedback and am polite about recieving it, I'm still a little wary of trusting it.

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  • I remember I was in a programming course for a few months once, and the tutor said that that's often the case for the team leaders of programmers because the programmers are more sought after and took much more time to learn their skills.

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