Is it normal i'm trying to create karma with a certain person

So I can see her in another life?

I have never really done anything serious to create karma like I'm a pretty good person.

Will I get karma for telling someone how I feel in a blunt straight up way? I made a fake Facebook and created 2 accounts and one of them was of her low life bf then I spoke to the "bf" as a chick off my other account and then screen shot the conversation that was very flirty and sent to my ex friend saying hes cheating on you. I got her mad alright lmao
I also text her a massive 8 text long text explaining how disgusting he is and he is a lowlife druggy with pedo tendencies. She said I'm sorry u feel that way but glad u got it off your chest. I explained that this is the truth and yes I'm glad to finally state the truth. She said well done you.

Have I created enough karma between her and I that we will see each other in the next life to balance it out or do I need to take things a step further because I'm not done with her.

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  • You need to stop with the stalking, catfishing and just leave this person the Hell alone is what you need to do! You should also close your phoney Facebook account. I think you have sown a lot of negative Karma for yourself, and what you should do is to confess to this person you know, and then completely leave her alone, or at the very least not harass her.

    I think you need to seek out some professional mental health help. I also think that you are the same lesbian/trans guy who has a similar story about a female with whom she is obsessed that you should seek out the help of a twelve step program call Love and Sex Addicts Anonymous. I think if you are the same person to whom I was referring that you are obsessed with this female person, and whether or not all the stuff you continuously assert about her boyfriend is true you need to surrender it to your Higher Power. You are powerless over all of this mess. Stalking, and harassing someone you are obsessed with in an attempt to control that person is completely not normal, unhealthy and rabidly codependent!

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    • Lol I'm not trans and all I state are in fact legit.

      I appreciate the concern but I'm fine thanks, I just hope I have done enough so I'm going to meet her over the other side. Either way, I will be tracking them down whether in this life or the next.

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      • Just try not to stalk, or harass people, because it's hella creepy, and actually drives people away and sows bad Karma.

        I can tell you with all sincerity if someone were stalking, and harassing me I would probably never speak to that person again, not to mention I would probably block the person on all forms of media and possibly take out a restraining order.

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  • Stop that. We don't control life, energy, karma.

    We are a part of it not the other way around. Get out the house, go fishing, bowling, socialize a little more.

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    • I do but I'm still going to hunt her the f down

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  • Oh great. Another creeper stalker.

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