Is it normal i'm lonely but don't like people getting close to me?

I know I wasn't always like this, but now this is just how it is.

I've tried to keep to myself a lot; pretty natural introvert, plus I have social anxiety. When I go home I go straight to my room and don't say anything beyond "hi." (I don't have a great relationship with my family.)
When I'm at school I interact with the same group of people, but I'm never really "a part" of the group. They buy presents for each other, they go out, but I don't join them. I never felt connected to them so it didn't hurt much.

Now that I'm getting older, I want to be around people more, but not the people around me. Does that make sense?
It is really started to hurt me from how lonely I feel.

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  • Same:/ I think I don't want to die alone but I do like the inner peace and drama free life I have too. I just feel so disconnected that I worry I'll never be able to recover what I've missed out on

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  • I feel same, but in part it's because of unhealthy self-loathing.

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  • Start with ur family.develop a close relationship with them.hunging out with them more often from there go to ur so called group of friends.try engaging more with them and the activity they do.but most importantly surround urself with friends that make u feel u can be urself and comfortable.

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    • I DON'T feel comfortable around them. Any of them.
      They aren't the types of people I would put my trust in and I don't have a desire to be around them anymore. They aren't the kind of people that people like me would open up to, ever.

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  • Dont worry so much.

    If you want, you can try asking someone like your family, for help in being more social and talking to people :) Gaining some confidence.

    Or you can try to gain some confidence yourself if you want. But start slow so you're comfortable with the pace.

    Like saying "Hi" and building that up to asking "How're you doing" ect.

    Id help you if you wanted it, if you were around me, but I doubt we're in the same state :P

    All you have to do is ask someone to help, or do it yourself.
    It's good you want to be more social

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