Is it normal i'm irreligious and still get bothered when people insult religion?

Ok, I've asked this multiple times with a lot of miscommunication. This is a long subject, but I'll try to summarize it as much as I can. I wouldn't exactly call myself an atheist, I have strong beliefs in the occult, but I understand a lot of criticism religion gets, and I can get on board most of the time. I don't believe the Bible or any other religious text is literally true, but at least are powerful enough to inspire strong emotions. But, there's some moments when the anti religion is so nonsensical and confusing, that it scares me. There's a lot, so I'll just say the ones that stand out the most to me.

1. I once made a joke in a tardigrade video saying "these things are God's pets!" I ended up getting so many downvotes my comment had to be hidden, and one person teasing me about having an imaginary friend, and someone saying he can't see them and they're an atheist

2. I once posted a meme to Facebook with fictional characters saying they don't understand the meaning of yolo (they all died and came back to life), and another with actors saying who they played and Jesus talking about being the alpha and omega (I admit this one was kinda preachy, I was a Christian back then). And in the yolo one I explained that Jesus knew everything but you would get the joke. Then some guy went to the trouble to comment on both pictures contradicting everything I said about Jesus, saying he wasn't the son of god and didn't know everything, and was just really being an a-hole. What's especially scary is I asked about this once and all I got was people mocking me.

3. I once asked on yahoo answers why blasphemy of the Holy Spirit was unforgiviable. I only remember about one of the many answers actually answering the question, while like 99% of the others were making fun of the Bible.

4. This one doesn't involve me, but I find it the most baffling. There's a video where a blind man gets his sight back after many years. You would think the comments would be filled with people happy for him, or excited about new technology, but instead virtually every fucking comment is saying how he should thank doctors and not Jesus. Religion isn't mentioned even once this video! I don't understand how THAT if all things became the focus of everyone's attention (if you don't believe me here it is:

Update: after looking through, those comments have gone down and there is one telling them to knock it off. However, when I first saw this video the overwhelming majority of comments were people insulting religion.

This is confusing for many reasons. I don't know how or why or even when this started bothering me, and I don't understand these people's rationalization for acting like this in these places, or why so many of them acted this way. Perhaps I just got what was at the other end of the polarity spectrum at the time, I don't know, but this has been confusing me for so long I feel the need to put it out there, even if I never get an answer.

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  • Religion spreads bigotry, misinformation, and circumcision. I will continue to make fun of it. It's the right think to do from my point of view. While it is true that there are religious people who are not bad, I'm referring to religion itself. Hate the religion not the religious.

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  • I'm like that too. Religion gives hope to some people, for some it is the only thing they are sure of, believe. Sometimes people lose all hope and their beliefs, become depressed, because their vision of the world is changed by, for example, science or whatever.
    People losing all hope, what comes with it-happiness, is the saddest thing. Because of such insults more vulnerable ones may question their faith and stop believing in God. That's why I think it's wrong to make fun of religion.

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    • I wouldn't say it's wrong to make fun of religion at all, there's some really good YouTube channels on the subject, but I think there's a time and a place for everything

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    • Bullshit

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  • Religion can be a crutch for all sorts of awful beleifs, hell it was used to validate slavery in America pre civil war. Religions beliefs should be looked at through a critical lens, and it is absolutely necessary that one takes into account what has changed since the times these stories have written and adjust their worldviews accordingly - the world when most of the bible was written was a very different, much more fundamentalist, more violent place.

    That said I am with you, not all things religious need to be mocked and painting believers with a broad brush is not only going to do nothing but sow further divide in humanity but I would argue is intelectually dishonest as well. I've known good and shitty Christians, Muslims, Wiccans, you name it. To say every person who believes a thing is "holding us back" or idiots or whatever you have is just a broad and inaccurate generalization.

    Two of my closest friends at this point in my life are in fact Christians themselves and sons of a pastor. They have never engaged in any of the damaging beliefs or actions we tend to see religions blasted for and are among the nicest, most accepting people I know. One of my closest friends when I was playing WoW private servers is a muslim living in pakistan who was I swear, more progressive than over half the people on that damn server. We still keep in touch.

    Religion can be both a wonderful and terrible thing, depending on the individual in question. It achieves nothing to lump them all together in one group.

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  • People should be mature enough to face reality.. they're adults.
    Your 3rd point.. seems legit.. those 99% people have actually read the bible, I recommend you to READ it.. you will find yourself among those 99% of people.
    If god exist.. then the almighty has the supreme power to do whatever the fuck he wants, kill people who make fun of him
    do you really believe that 40days of rain can flood the planet?
    Is it right for a girl to be married off to her rapist? NO, right? well the bible says YES to this

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    • That's one of the things that bothers me. I do agree that lots of the Bible is abhorrent, and if I brought that up it would make sense, but some times someone might make some harmless reference to it and cause a sh*tstorm. One of the reasons this puzzles me is that I don't understand why I'm getting mad at people I agree with.

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  • erh what?

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  • Religion constitutes people's sense of identity in many cases. God is not just an 'idea'or a 'concept' for them. You say offensive things about someone's God, it's like doing the same about their nationality or sexuality. Can anyone defend saying offensive things about people's nationality or sexuality? Also,why be offensive when it's possible to criticise politely? The scorn adds nothing useful or worthy to the criticism.

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  • I think religion is a frustrating topic and it seams there are categories of people who use religion for their convienence at times. The overall message is love if you look into most any religion the message is love. However, some create fear and chaos if their "rules" aren't followed so it can be very hypocritical. With that hypocaracy it gives people the illusion to harm someone or something else "in the name of" whoever because that person or thing does not meet their religious "standards". I think religion can be great if it truly helps someone get through and so forth, but the message and control seams to cloud the real message. It's been a measure of control for so long that it's completely convoluted and I truly feel sorry for anyone who blindly follows.

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