Is it normal i'm experiencin anxiety about that dna test?

My family history suggests that I am part Eastern European and part probably British-Scandinavian hybrid.

I don't want to sound like a racist, but I hope I'm not French. I learnt real fast that they don't like me and, well, I'm sorry but I don't like them too. Their language and the kind of French people I've met.

But that's not really my point. I'm generally quite tense because I want to know where, geographically speaking, my genes come from. Because I just don't feel like I belong anywhere.

I also don't want my family and friends to hate me if I might be something they can't stand, but I just need to know.

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  • If your friends will disown you as a friend because you're part French they're fucking retarded anyway.

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  • Family hate you for your DNA, that's funny, unless you were adopted don't they have the same DNA.

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  • I think a lot of people, including myself, feel like they don't belong anywhere, any DNA aside.

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  • As Boojum says; the tests are not that accurate when it comes down to specific countries.

    They can tell you if you have a substantial portion of Caucasian Western Europe vs Eastern Europe/Russian. Portions likely from the Middle east, Asia, Africa, etc.

    Naming specific countries is the least accurate (and often more guesses than anything). You would need to find relatives in your ancestors home country who underwent dna testing to validate it.

    So, I'd not worry too much.

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  • I don't think they isolate French pur se

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  • It's normal because you never know the results and what they'll mean. My daughter in law got hers and it said she's part Sicilian which went against everything her mother told her about her family. When she confronted her mother she eventually confessed that the man she knew as her father wasn't at all. Her mother had an affair with an Italian guy and he's her father. She got in touch with him and tge resemblance is striking.

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  • DNA tests are highly accurate at determining familial relationships, but when it comes to ethnic and national origins, the results are nothing more than best guesses.

    The companies base those estimates on statistical analysis of the DNA results they've had for people living in a particular geographic area and what those people have stated to be their understanding of their ethnic origins. This can skew and limit the results. For example, since not many people in Africa can afford to take DNA tests, people with African ancestry are likely to be told that they most likely lived in one of a few huge regions on that continent. It may be that the same applies to some population groups in Europe. And, as far as Europe is concerned, the idea that there are "pure" national genes is bullshit. Borders have changed over the centuries, people have always moved around and the gory history of Europe means that there have always been kids whose father was some asshole in a uniform who just happened to be passing through.

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    • I'm not sure it works like that boo. I am certain there is enough data to find people's ancestors to a region of a continent, or specific group if isolated enough. The world conquers the world over, yes, but some sub groups do exist and it isn't a survey that people answer, it is a bodily fluids tests.

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  • I dont want the feds to have my DNA. They already got my finger prints. Fuck that

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