Is it normal i'm attracted to cis men & women+transfems but not transmascs?

I am a member of a couple of Free Emotional Labour groups on Facebook and have enjoyed them thus far.

I haven't dared to bring this up elsewhere but I've come to realise that I'm attracted to cis men, cis women and transfeminine but almost never transmasculine people.
I'm not generally into butches or stones either.

Unfortunately, people tell me I am perpetuating cisheteronormative standards by being a DFAB remotely attracted to cis men. Never mind that I pretty much always prefer feminine or gender non-conforming men. Almost all transmasculine people I have known of seem to take great pains to come across as classically or conservatively masculine as possible.

As to whether I am attracted to non-binary people: I find many of them unnecessarily militant about queerness and gender and about other things in general.

I can't make myself be attracted to what I don't like but at the same.time I know something is wrong with me.

I'm non-binary and DFAB. I call myself bi, but also think I'm disappointingly straight.

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  • ITT: Conservatives getting triggered by made up words

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  • so do people like yall just sit round all day categorizin yallselves and each other? that gives yall a sensea identity?

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  • Why all these little boxes for people? And what the hell is a Free Emotional Labor Group?

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  • Your not normal because you cant spek English. Your post amount to nothing more than jibber jabber. You are attracted to whomever you are attracted to. Stop trying to be cutting edge and show how into the scene you are and just live. You impressed no one with all your use of modern day buzzwords.

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  • I've been trans my whole life and yet I still can't tell what your saying. Damn labels n junk

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  • What?

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  • What’s to be disappointed about being straight? It’s being average isn’t it? Important part of actually growing up is to separate yourself from actually special without a good reason. Be glad all of your mental facilities are in mostly working order.

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