Is it normal i loved school

Even though I got bullied all my first school years I always loved school. It gave me a purpose with each day and the routine was perfect, you knew exactly what would happen everyday and you got free lunch and learned new things and everyday the happiness of being able to go home and chill after a long day. If I could go to school for life I would but you are forced to work and cant just study all of life and past the first 13-14 years of school it is no longer free to study if you want to study something higher.
I dont like working because it is nothing like the way that school days were structured and everything costs money from getting to and from work to eating lunch so there is not a single part of working that isnt stressful. For a while I wanted to become a teacher so I can stay in school for life but I refuse to go to university and take high study loans and its probably too stressful a job for me in terms of how good your social skills needs to be (though I had some odd teachers before like one whom would start the lesson then leave and spend the entire class in the teachers breakroom and hardly be present at all).

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