Is it normal i love labby

Labby is in a film called 'where the dead go to die'.
he's supposed to be a demonic hellhound with glowing red eyes. He talks and he's got a sexy voice. I have no idea why he has a sexy voice, as he's a dog.
I want to kiss Labby on his cold, wet nose. I want him to lick my face & jump up on my bed when I say “hello boy”. I've had dogs since birth. I just lost my beautiful border collie, who was called Merlin.

I'd love a film where Labby's human form is a rock star and his groupies are called Labra-whores. I contacted the guy that voices him who told me how he did it. I was thrilled. When I recommended the film to a friend who then played it I had a lil seizure when I heard his voice. Is anyone else as weird as me.

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  • Are you the same person that likes the wolves?

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    • K, so I just watched some of that where the dead go to die and, it’s so—I mean I don’t want to say it but for lack of a better word, dumb.

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  • I’m confused what kind of love this is

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