Is it normal i look too young

I got a job at the library im 26 and the children who come here keep telling me I look "small". Earlier two 9 year old girls said I look 18 at most and I was like thank you for that haha, then I heard them whispering bout how I look literally 13. Im not sure if this is good because I need to be taken seriously at work not look like a child even though its a compliment because I have good genes. I have a very small frame but I cant help that and should I practice lowering my voice when I talk? I have anxiety so I talk very high pitch and sort of quiet its hard to control.
And another question, is this why I am never approached? 😩 Ive also had bus drivers assume im a high schooler many times even not wanting to charge me for adult ticket. Maybe I need to grow my bangs out again, ive heard they can make you look younger. 😑 I just cut bangs again because as a teen it was part of my alt style and I kind of missed that look a bit, and now I have semi wonky bangs that I gave myself lol. Real sexy etc.
Its great to look young but people dont take you seriously and it doesnt help im only really attracted to people who are a bit older than me, so it definitely doesnt help in dating (unless I wanna date creeps which I DONT) lol.

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  • I am small as well, 5 feet flat and average weight. Once when I was with my tall friend in a public restroom, a woman offered us the big stall she just used in case we wanted to go in together. I said, "What?" and I guess my very 21 year old voice made her realise I was in fact not the age someone goes into the stall with their mother, she said "Oh." and left quickly.

    I feel you.

    Maybe try some theatrical elderly makeup :) Dye your hair silver? You could also use a fake baby as a prop to indicate you are of motherly age.

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