Is it normal i like watching reviews of the joker even though i haven’t seen it?

From the sound of it seems like a really good movie, and the hysteria surrounding it ironically seems to mirror the events of the movie in a way. But I only know that from videos, and I already know spoilers, but I don’t think that’ll ruin the movie if and when I see it.

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  • As a HUGE fan of Batman I will eventually see the movie but from what I have read it doesn't fit with the original ethos. I'm a purist so it will just be a side story for me.

    But yes it's normal.

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  • You know i haven't even watched Batman and avengers as well not going to watch blockbuster and great movies... Cuz I'm saving it to watch it with my future partner.
    I keep avoid every meme and clip that can spoil

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