Is it normal i like pushing people away?

Like the title says, I've grown to like keeping people at a distance.
To the point where I don't want them to get physically near me.
I guess in part it's because I've been rejected and avoided by so many people I've grown used to the feeling.
I used to cry over it, you know, people (and when I say people I mean like over five different people) avoiding me.
But I've grown to like it, accept the feeling of rejection and build up walls to keep people away.

I like being alone, I like people keeping their distance, and I feel happy now.
I also feel like I have a sense of power. Being able to keep them away. it normal to like pushing people away?

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  • I think you want to reject them before they reject you. That's what's giving you a sense of power. If you're happy now then I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'm exactly the same. Hate having friends mainly because they wear me out. Much happier on my own. Most of the stresses in life are caused by other people. As long as you doing what you want.

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  • I've done this for as long as I can remember. For some reason I feel so much better alone or with no more than one person. Being alone just feels right and normal. I've no idea why.

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  • This is a common problem , most people tend to do when they are afraid of being hurt. It is a normal thing to , but by no means is it healthy. Life is long and difficult and even more so when your alone. I used push people away so much in the past but i realized how illogical that was, because everyone just wants to be accepted for who they are. So if you keep that in mind when you give people trust and acceptance they so desire themselves those feelings will be reciprocated back onto you.

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  • You're in denial. You want to be loved so you block your feelings and push people away to protect yourself from being hurt.

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  • what give you the right to be happy ? i can imagine the five lives you ruined in the process of becoming happy.

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