Is it normal i like periodically get interested in horror?

It seems like I’m a horror fan like every few months. There’s times where I think about horror constantly and am obsessed with it but then I just simply stop caring, only for me to become interested again after some time.

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  • My music choice changes like this. I was listening to a lot of fast paced outlaw country music then I was on a lot of rock stuff now Im listening to all nostalgic 2005-2012 rap.

    Young Jeezy - Crazy World

    Playing now ^

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  • that's like me with my myriad of different obsessions... It like goes in a circle.

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  • So normal that asking the question was actually the least normal thing about it, fascinating.

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  • Im kinda like that with boxing. I mostly find it too violent but once in a while I’m into it.

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  • ya i into horrrorrs as well, but only slendmen he spoky dawg :3

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