Is it normal i like looking at my self harm scars?

okay so I know its fucking crazy but I self harm but its not the pain that relaxes me its the way it looks on my arm. like, seeing blood or scars or cuts on my arm makes me calm and relaxed.

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  • having them can be good or bad depending on your mindset, for e.g you can look at them and then realise how far you have come in life and how those dark days are over (assuming these scars are atleast over 6 months old) then i guess it would be useful to look at them for that inspo, but looking at them and feeling happy about it isnt something that is good at all and i would suggest hypnotherapy or trying to heal them or tat cover up as it will be detrimental in that sense

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  • Why not get into tattoos then? At least then you can see something more attractive then self scarring tissue...

    I only find scars sexy if there is some badass story about fighting in a bar or being attacked by a wild animal. Self harm scars just show mental illness therefore more baggage than I'm willing to put up with.

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  • Attention Attention

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  • I like the way it looks too, but it also helps ground me when I feel out of it. I love my scars and wouldn’t change them. But I do hide them while in public so it doesn’t seem like I’m seeking attention.

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  • Scars from self harm will be a hindrance to your your progress in life, because people will judge you. I think you should seek out some professional help. Maybe you have a personality disorder that is undiagnosed?

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