Is it normal i like being hungry?

Especially when I know that I'm going to have something good to eat later. But even when not, I like the sensation of being hungry. Like late at night, I always get hungry even though I know I can't eat anything till the next day, but the feeling of hunger makes me feel happy, and gives me a sort of dopamine rush.
However, I hate that kind of aching hunger you get when you haven't eaten for a long time and there's no food in the house. That kind of hunger gives me a headache.
But I like being moderately hungry and having that overpowering urge to eat something, even if I can't at that moment. Anyone else?

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  • The anticipation of a really good meal can do that. It's kind of like waiting in line for a concert you're super excited for, the waiting itself becomes fun

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  • Yeh, I like getting hungry having Twisties, or having muesli in the morning, it really hits the spot, and liking being hungry's normal, my preferred food is boring fish fingers and chips with tartar sauce and a side salad, but there's so much to explore, you're not alone.

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  • I'm sick right now and the hunger pangs are actually painful right now instead of being just an annoyance so right now my opinion is fuck being hungry.

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  • Hungry is a horrible feeling.

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  • The aching hunger usually is a result of low blood sugar. Theres ways to stop from getting those.

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