Is it normal i kind of miss cable tv?

I switched to streaming in 2017 since cable was a shitload of money and streaming is much more convenient. Outside of watching older shows on Netflix I haven’t really had much interest in watching tv anymore. I don’t really care for any new series.

But I guess for nostalgia and the fact the tv series just unite us I found myself missing cable tv. I’m never going to buy a subscription again, but I miss waiting for a new tv show. I miss being young and watching tv with my family. I miss commercials and late night informercials. And most of all I miss the Weather Channel and getting weather alerts on the local tv channels.

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  • You don't miss cable... You miss the life you had

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  • Definitely its nostalgia ads took up 1/3rd of TV time.

    YouTube premium on the other hand is 10 bucks a month and I can watch whatever I please. About the best tv package you could ask for.

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  • I like watching nature documentaries.

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  • I don’t miss passively absorbing propaganda.

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    • It’s up to you to chose how media affects you.

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