Is it normal i kick and groan in my sleep?

I've been told that I kick violently and hit things in my sleep, even if I dream about something silly and calm (or nothing at all.) I also groan suuuuper loudly. It's not sleep apnea, and that's about all I know.
The people who sleep beside me (aka at sleepovers in my childhood) wake up with bruises, and I sometimes wake up with bruises as well from my own kicking and punching and whatnot. It's primarily kicking, though.
No idea what's causing it. It's been happening since my early childhood.
Is this normal or am I just Jason Bourne?

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  • Google hypnagogic jerks. If it's not that, buddy you're Jason Bourne.

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    • I have those too, but I also kick/punch/whatever well after I've fallen asleep. Guess I just gotta accept being an action movie star, now.

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