Is it normal i hear nothing from bible thumpers about the don?

Where is the far right "Christian"
After hurricane katrina, they blamed homosexuals.
After sandy hook, it was prayer in school.
After the vegas shooting, it was a gods judgement on sin city.
Point is, I have heard plenty of blaming.
Where are they now?
Dump is in office.
At his election the R held all 3 branches.
They could have overturned abortion, or brought prayer to schools on day 1.
They didn't.
Weve had 3 years of tax cuts for the rich, and gutting anything Obama had tryed.
Now there's an actual problem.
So who is the scapegoat?
If obama, clinton, were in office.
You would hear 24/7 about it being their fault.
So why are you silent now?

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  • Trash post.

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    • Light lander.
      You are as bad as dump.
      No logical arguement against facts.
      So you just yell.
      FAKE NEWS!
      trash post.
      Let me know when you get tired of
      ' So much winning '

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  • Politicians are generally not very useful to begin with

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  • It probably has something to do with the fact that Obama sucked.

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    • Clunk.
      In what way did obama suck?
      Gun sales did fine.
      He cut back on illegal immigrants.
      He bailed us out of the bush crash of 08.
      The economy started to boom and went on to grow for 10 years straight.
      Look at the numbers.
      dump was handed a growing economy.
      He did NOTHING.
      Yet you say obama was no good?
      Bush 1,2, and now dump.
      Have crashed this country.
      How many times do you have to fail.
      Before you try something else?

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  • You're lying. I never meet these so called bible thumpers and I live in the bible thumping capital of the USA. No one is that religious anymore. Maybe 1/50,000

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  • To easy.
    Have you never watched faux news?
    Westburro baptist.
    Franklin Gram.
    Or a dozen more easy to find sources.
    Is your head in the sand?
    Do you just hear what you want to hear, but selectivly tune out the rest.
    I can't fix that for you.
    I'm good, but I can't heal the willfully blind.

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    • But at least you can fuck. At least you have a life. Be thankful you are not me.

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      • Oz, good to hear from you.
        Sex is good.
        But it's not the main focus of life.
        Now, can you focus on the topic at hand?
        Bible thumper dump supporters.

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        • I'm saying the Christians are dumb.
          Along with Muslims.
          I'm saying that Trump is dumb.
          And yes, with few exceptions,
          the world is dumb.

          And they are dumb but happy
          Because they can fuck.
          Angel, is this you?
          Happy with sex, and short on understanding?
          I don't see numbers, nor contraindications,
          Nor rationale,
          But that's okay.
          Good to see you too.

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