Is it normal i have a pet potato named randall?

Is it normal I have a pet potato named Randall and I've taught him to sit?

I may need to have him put down because he's become old and incontinent. It's sad cause he's become such a part of our family.

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  • I will try to write this through my tears...

    Well, there does come a day when we have to make difficult decisions. Just know that potato lived a happy life and loved your family as much as you all loved it. He was a good potato pet. Just know he is no longer suffering.

    This situation gave me pause because on Thanksgiving, my room mate and I did something despicable for which I am truly ashamed.

    I took three perfectly healthy potatoes, skinned them alive with a potato peeler and chopped them up to little pieces. Then my room mate put them in boiling water. When they were soft, my room mate put them in a bowl, mashed them a bit then put mixer in there. We threw in some butter and ATE them with our turkey.

    I know you are probably in a blind rage, wishing eternal hellfire come our way but I needed to confess.

    Just be glad you didn't do something so cruel and sadistic to Randall.

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  • Godspeed my friend. Godspeed.

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  • Anyone with the name Randall usually ends up in jail by the age of 21

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