Is it normal i hate opera music?

I’m fine listening to classical music, even if it’s not my favorite thing to listen to. I even like heavy metal and some that has screaming, heck one of my favorite bands is Linkin Park who’s singer was known for his screaming. But the difference is that with that I can still tell what he’s saying and can get in with the beat.

Opera singing, at least from what I’ve heard, is just really loud high pitched screeching and is among some of the most annoying sounds I’ve ever heard!

Maybe there’s some good ones out there, but I was prompted to write this after hearing an annoying AF commercial with opera singing in it.

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  • I grew up listening to classical music and I've always enjoyed it, but I've never cared much for opera. However, some operas do have some good tunes. In particular, stuff written by Mozart, Verdi and Rossini.

    There's something about how my brain is wired that means I find it impossible to understanding even English lyrics when sung in an operatic style, so I just hear the vocals as another musical instrument.

    At the time the classic operas were composed, the intended audience was common people; they were the equivalent of today's musical films. These days, attending the opera is more about ostentatiously signalling that you're a person of culture, refined tastes and wealth.

    Opera is sort of like Shakespeare in that sense. If you haven't studied the text of a Shakespeare play, you're going to miss a lot because the dialogue is archaic English, and you'll miss all the subtexts if you don't understand something about Elizabethan politics and society. But Shakespeare is widely accepted as saying deep and profound things about the human condition, so people who are cultured are supposed to like Shakespeare, and therefore people go to performances of Shakespeare to demonstrate that they are cultured.

    I've attended one Shakespeare play in my life - Macbeth - and I found it amusing how people in the audience laughed at what Shakespeare had intended to be humorous passages. They could only have understood the 'jokes' if they'd studied the play beforehand, and the puns weren't _that_ funny on second hearing, so the laughter was them signalling, 'Hey! I get the joke because I'm a cultured, educated person!'

    I've also attended only one opera in my life: a performance of Verdi's Aida in the Roman amphitheatre in Verona. It was a memorable experience due to the setting - although after an hour or so, the novelty of sitting on a marble slab that countless ancient Roman butts had once sat on wore off, and the inability to see much of what was actually happening on stage from our cheap seats got a little annoying. I'm glad I did it just so I can say that I did it, but I'd require a little persuasion before I did it again. I still like the music, though.

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    • i grew up listenin to classical music and i fuckin hate it cause i was actively discouraged form listenin to what i wanted namely devil rock & roll and whatever was (god forbid) popular

      classical music is pretentious and borin and aside from a few notable exceptions it all blends into the same shit

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  • My favorite music genre is Alternative Rock, especially Indie Rock. I also have a soft spot for well written Country music.

    Back to OPs question.. personally, I would rather listen to New Age music, instead of listening to Opera music.

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  • Yes ut's normal

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  • Normal to hate it, I hated it while growing up.

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  • Opera: incomprehensible screaming
    Well not all of then are bad, there are a few good ones out there somewhere.

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