Is it normal i hate office gum chewers?

If you want to chew gum at work, keep your mouth shut. Don’t chew with your mouth open and make yourself look retarded.

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  • I don't mind gum chewers. I mind LOUD gum chewers...popping sounds, sloshing spit sounds, smacking....ugh disgusting. I literally HAVE to remove myself from the situation (which I can do 95% of the time), or approach the person and ask them to stop.

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  • Its an annoying habit yes.
    I detest people who mindlessly him...its just creepy!

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  • I sit next to a colleague who pounds their keyboard like if it is a mechanical typewriter.

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  • Yeah, it's normal to be annoyed, but recognise that you are powerless over their nasty chomping.

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