Is it normal i hate dating apps

Ive only used dating apps because I dont go out but I rather risk being single a very long time now.
What I, as a woman, have experienced is that either the men I meet from tinder are desperate for a commitment and a family to the point where they are pressuring you within 1 month of dating by wanting to start building on your future. The other kind of men are the fuckbois who are not capable of commitment. I can tolerate the first kind better since at least they want commitment but it's impossible to force them to slow down so in the end its just as much a waste of time as the fuckbois are. Some people are straight up insane. One guy had written in his bio that he's a hunter living a nice life but everything isn't all good because he suffers from serious mental issues and everybody hates him... Like wtf even is that? How is that attractive to potential partners?
Dating apps forces a label on things from the start, the label being either dating or hooking up... I dont like labels. I want things to evolve on their own organically, getting to know somebody without any goals and letting a natural chemistry happen.

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  • Dating apps are cringe, but it’s the women who have the unfair advantages on those apps.

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    • I stopped using dating apps because I realize I don't need them anymore.

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    • Thats true. As a bi woman I can say that i've noticed there's far less women active than men and that they are much harder to get a conversation going with.

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  • In our generation, the vast majority of men have already been brainwashed by social media and videogames, too much internet has screwed them up beiond repair. now most men are simps, beheaving like irrational animals being controlled by mating instinct. I'm so glad i'm not one of them.

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  • It's sketchy because it shows they are obviously desperate and it seems often it is for their image - It gives them status to have wife and kids or to please their parents because they are the only umarried one in the family. Stuff like that...
    It's also impossible to know somebody within a month. It takes AT LEAST 3 months to get to know somebody. Therefore its not very genuine. I dont know thats just how I feel. If someone really likes you so much they want a future together THAT quick they wouldnt mind taking their time to get to know each other in depth before making any rash decisions. There is also the risk of them being lovebombers aka abusers.

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