Is it normal i got off to the thought of my friend fainting?

Ok, so there’s a lot more to this, but to some it up when I was a teenager I used to talk to this girl online who was about two years younger than me. I’d seen enough pictures of her to know she was who she really said she was, and we talked about a lot of personal things because we were both going through a lot in those years. I told her I had feelings for her at one point and she said it was more a long distance issue than an age one, and our friendship sort of dwindled over time, but we both seemed to know that. I’ve admitted to her before that I had an Unconscious fetish at one point, but I never told her this specific thing.

Now, I first met her on yahoo answers, and one day when I was on there I saw questions about very serious topics, and I was so overwhelmed by them that I didn’t pay too much attention to two in particular (which I’ll get to later) but I talked to her about the depressing ones and we seemed to help each other through the issues we had.

But later on I became intrigued with those two questions, one where she asked why she sometimes got dizzy when she stood up, and even mentioned that her vision went black and she sometimes fell to the floor, and another where she asked if she’d faint if she didn’t eat soon. Of course, that was a serious situation to be in, but I couldn’t help myself from being aroused at the thought of her fainting. In some cases I would imagine myself helping her or even doing cpr on her. Sometimes I viewed her as almost a real life damsel in distress. I hope it’s not wrong that I had these thoughts, I just kept them in my head after all. Hopefully it wasn’t too weird.

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