Is it normal i got drunk and took a wicked shit in mr. spivak's koi pond?

Is it normal I got drunk and took a wicked shit in Mr. Spivak's koi pond and now he won't even speak to me? Is It Normal he won't speak to me?

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  • Koi are pricey no wonder he’s angry. You should pay to for new filters to deal with the mess you’ve made for him.

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  • You're lucky he didn't beat the shit out of you?

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    • I left it in the koi pond.

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  • You deserved the reason why he won't speak to you.

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  • Good for Mr. Spivak! You're lucky this dude didn't give you a well deserved beatdown, or call the cops, and press charges against your loser ass for destruction of property. Mr. Spivak is probably much better off without having to deal with the likes of you in his life.

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  • Thats funny. One time me and my friend at his house threw poop in his parents bed while they were sleepin. His stepdad woke up with shit everywhere its like he rolled in it. Then they beat the dog thinkin it was her

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