Is it normal i get anxious around friends?

I am okay with people I've known for years but with new people/ friends I've known for say about 1 yearish, I get super nervous/anxious.
I also can get anxious and feel anxiety at any time because I just don't know when it'll spike.
I tried making this new friend whom I've known for about 8 months and I'd go and see her frequently at her work place despite feeling anxious but the anxiety didn't go away so I just stopped seeing her.
Feel a bit bad about it too since she's pretty cool/nice :)

Now I feel so paranoid she probably thinks I'm avoiding her. I also feel anxious with eye contact :/

Any tips ??

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  • It's called Social Anxiety Disorder in case you didn't know. It's common enough and so it's normal, but it's not something you want to just live with. You have to try to overcome it. Go to your doctor or join a social anxiety group or something.

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    • I have tried to overcome it and I feel like I'm going to be like this forever because I can't control my anxious brain or thoughts :/

      I mean I am forced to go out to shops when I have to buy shit for whatever reason like going to warehouse, supermarket etc

      Sometimes I'm okay but rarely and I always feel anxiety looming like it's just there sort of thing.

      I am tired and run in exhaustion most days.

      I don't even feel counselling would help anyway as I have been to see a person in the past a couple of times to just talk and talking doesn't solve the issues.

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      • Have you looked into Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)? You could probably get all the ideas of how to do it yourself online, without even seeing someone about it (though it would be better if you saw someone about it). It's a long process to see any benefits, but with patience and time it'll help.

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