Is it normal i found a card from a former bully and it was sweet

I would get birthday invites from my bullies as a kid because as kids you had to invite everyone. I was bullied though. I suffered with selective mutism in school hence I never talked there but only talked at home, so the girls used to call me bitchy and that I thought I was better than them so I wouldnt talk to them. They'd also get angry and annoyed that I followed them around in silence.
There was this one girl who was the main bully. In the beginning she was the only one who was actually mean. Very pretty but miserable and stuck up girl. The other girls would always talk behind her back what a fucking bitch she is and how much they hate her, it was only her who got that much hate behind her back (maybe that's why she was so mean?). She got excluded by the other girls once because she'd lied about something pretty serious so they froze her out and treated her like shit and seemed to enjoy it until they decided she could be their friend again.
I didnt really feel bad for her and I didnt care. She at a later point in time got a few boys in class to bully me by telling them I wear moldy clothes which was a lie, until I finally told our teacher who went extremely hard on those boys and their parents and they folded like pathetic leaves apologizing, blaming her for it and then no more bullying from the boys.
Oddly today when I was cleaning I found an old christmas card from her... on the back she'd scribbled "you're the best" with hearts...
It gave me flashback to when I came in from break one day and in my school bench found a note on which someone had scribbled "I love you".
Both strange things that dont fit with how my time at that school was.

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  • Yeah, but why on Earth did you follow her, and her goons around? It's weird, and creepy to follow people around, especially if they don't like you. If someone followed me around as a kid it would hella freak me out.

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    • I did not understand how to socialize and all the adults in my life bullied me by threatning me that i'd be put in special ed with "weirdos" if I didnt hang out with the other girls. So since I couldnt talk in school nor knew how to act I did what the adults said and walked around with them except when no adults could see us. I did not want to hang out with them but I had no choice I was scared of the other "weird" kids based on the threats.

      Thanks for being so understanding.

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      • That's awful. I was certainly a weirdo in my own right back in fourth, and fifth grade. I used to have to see the school counselor every Monday instead of going to recess, but I didn't mind, because I wasn't that big on recess. I had moved from another school that stopped having recess after second grade, and actually thought it was immature for fourth, and fifth graders to have recess. The counselor knew I was a little weirdo, and would have conferences with my folks every so often. My parents were so daft that they thought the only problem was that I would go to school dressed up like Alice in Wonderland, or whatever everyday. Yeah, I was kinda eccentric. During recess I would swing on the swing the whole time, or go out on the soccer field, and pick up bugs.

        I do want to say that I always picked out my own clothes, and most adults liked how I looked, but I didn't fit in with my peers.

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  • Snipe them with a bb gun. Its hilarious

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