Is it normal i feel scared to seek help about my fried food addiction?

I eat fried stuff half of the day and I don't know when to stop, I don't want to die from suicide by junk food. I feel guilty that I sometimes lie to myself....

I most of the time go into a mental breakdown.

It is this addiction I've hidden from my therapist and I am really nervous what I should be telling her.

Because I only ask this is because I want to know if you've been in similar shoes and I want to approach this the right way.

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  • Honey, I fry everything but the damn kitchen sink. But I also eat salads.

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  • The first step is admitting you have a problem, that's good

    Maybe the next thing you can do is figure out why you're dependent on it

    I tend to over eat, usually I feel so empty inside and food helps

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  • Why are you wastimg time (and presumably money) seeing a therapist if you don't trust him/her enough to talk about this? Any therapist with any experience will have heard far worse, believe me.

    Alternatively, just stick to your unhealthy habits, raise your cholesterol, block up your arteries and subject yourself to heart attacks and/or strokes. Your choice.

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    • Look I'm trying to not be scared and I'm really trying to spit things out to my therapist because I have spit things out to her in the past and it is effective. I absolutely will not be sticking to my unhealthy habits as I already know myself this isn't good.

      I think the more I spit it out I can get this solved and get the addiction out of my system.

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      • That sounds like a good plan to me and I hope it goes well with your therapist.

        Apologies for being so crabby in my earlier post: I'm recovering from 3 heart attacks in one night a few weeks ago, any one of which would've killed me if the paramedics hadn't been there - caused by a blocked artery ....... so I'm a bit touchy about cholesterol laden food right now and hate to see a young person letting themselves in for what I've had to experience.

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  • My friend is into flagellation. It sounds a bit weird, but he reckons it works for his "negative urges"

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  • Eat fried dog shit, maybe tempura style.

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