Is it normal i feel i can't ever date because i started my life late?

Long story short, I won't have my shit together until I'm almost 27. I'll have my master's (currently in a program) and a job. I have never held a job or dated before. I feel like I can't ever date because of that. Who would want a 27 year old kissless virgin? Granted, I'm a woman, so less stigmatized than a male, but still.

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  • Nah we men don't care about it! If you don't look hideous or have a shitty personality, youre fine👍

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  • A lot of people struggle with feeling behind in life, school keeps us all at artificial pace then we graduate and our lives go on their own paths. One of my cousin’s ex boyfriends was 30 and had been in education his whole life, my friend’s mother was similar, getting her first job aged 28.

    What is “on time” in life? What is “early”? What is “late”?

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  • I just recently made a new friend who has also never had a relationship at 29. I think the world of her but her confidence is super low Bc of her lack of relationships and she’s very easily manipulated.

    So yes it’s normal! And you should just continue to be yourself. Just be very cautious please! Best of luck!

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  • Have you ever tried dating? Or are you giving up without even trying? How and why are you so sure that it's hopeless for you? Did you try and fail before? Or are you just making assumptions about other people's opinions based on your own low self esteem?

    You don't have to tell here. Just some questions to ask yourself. If starting dating seems scary to you, just start out small. Go to some group dating event and say hi or something.

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  • My wife was about that age when we met a few years ago, we now have a daughter and will welcome a son this summer. She is 30 and I am 32 now

    In our countries the average age to marry is 27 for men and 25 for women, so we both were a few years ‘late’ to get started

    You’re pretty darn on track for most nation averages

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