Is it normal i feel hottest being a tomboy

I feel the most attractive dressing in a boyish manner and having short hair, but still being feminine at the same time. Wearing makeup and jewelry. Oddly I also attract more men with this look but I assume that's because (based on what i've been told) short hair looks way better on me than long. Makes sense since I dont have thick hair. I also get annoyed by long hair because I hate the feeling of it and it looks boring most of the time.
I've worn very feminine stuff often with thigh highs and skirts or dresses, bows and all that jazz and I feel cute that way too but really I feel more confident in boyish clothing. I also find most women more attractive with such a look. Women have a certain natural elegance and swaying, sexy stride that makes even boyish looks elegant and feminine and in an odd way amplifying the femininity as well as a careless, cool attitude of being yourself wholeheartedly. Yes i'm pretty sure i'm bisexual by the way, though im more attracted to men.

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  • you saying you love to dress tomboy and have a touch of feminine side to you is very attractive so-
    dw about it being normal or not, the tomboy style is usually very comfortable, and looks really cool :)

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  • Wear whatever feels comfortable, there’s nothing wrong with short hair and baggy clothes regardless of sexuality.

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  • Tomboy girls are my biggest turn on.

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  • Ive seen hot tomboy girls. Some girls around here are really into hunting which is kinda hot.

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