Is it normal i feel best on 4 hours sleep

I have trouble going to bed because im a nightowl and now im working again start at 9 have to get up at 7 so I dont get much sleep. Usually max 6 hours. Ive realized that at least these days 4 hours of sleep world best for me. I feel more energy and it lasts most of the day. Tonight for example I got 7 hours of sleep and I feel exhausted and my head hurts. Coincidence maybe but ive noticed this pattern for weeks. I dont think its healthy to sleep as little as 4 hours a night but at the same time what proof is there? People are all different and 8 hours a night is recommended to the average adult. I dont dare to on purpose only get 4 hours in case it causes me to crash one day but when I accidentally only get that amount of hours I feel rested in the morning and motivated... Only 4 hours though. If I only get 3 im exhausted by 1 PM and can barely keep my eyes open.

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  • Depends upon sleeping conditions. Need body core temp to cool down to get proper sleep.

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    • It's nice to sleep cool, impossible to fall asleep cold, but I can wake up practically frozen. Fiancee loves to just leave open all the windows, while stealing all the blankets.

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  • 6 hours is a good enough functional sleep. Not gonna feel good waking up but it won't effect my performance.

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