Is it normal i feel at fault when some of my favourite artists die?

Sulli from f(x), Jonghyun from SHINee, Juice WRLD... there's a connection and that connection's me.

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  • None of it is your fault.

    There's a large dark side of the music industry and kpop that a lot of people don't see. There are too many internet trolls to count. The problem is society....the media doesn't help, haters could pick anything out and it just spreads like wildfire.

    The harsh reality of standards for perfection is sad. We could say it's the haters to blame. The rumors. It's sad.

    Something needs to change, it can't work with just preaching about it, if the kpop industry can work together to tackle online bullying, maybe it will get better.

    As for juice wrld. It's really sad about his passing. Every death breaks my heart.

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  • You're not connected to any of that at all. You didn't know them personally nor did you do anything to cause it.

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  • Nope.

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  • No... Sulli's death gave me chills but I never thought it was my fault. You never talked personally to the artist, did you? It's not your fault or anyone's but haters/anti.

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