Is it normal i feel anxious towards the end of the year?

For many years now, I've noticed that I become a bit on edge and anxious once fall arrives, signifying the end of the year is near. The worst is during the holiday season, though it starts around September. On the contrary, I feel hopeful, motivated, and super happy and excited during the beginning of the year.

The end of the year scares me a bit, I guess, because it's a reminder of how fast the time is passing by, that I have aging loved ones and I fear every new year may be my last with them, and a lot of my favorite memories are growing farther and farther apart from the present and slowly fading. Also, I'm 25 this year and so now, getting older is starting to become less exciting and more scary (I know 25 isn't old, but I feel that I'm leaving that *really* young stage and that since the time is only going by faster all the time, it won't be long until I'm middle aged).

For some reason, I can't stand the holiday season at all and haven't liked it for years. The loud noises, the bright lights, the hustle and bustle, everyone being stressed out and running around everywhere trying to get all of their gifts, etc. Then there's still the reminder that time is going by too fast and my aging loved ones are only getting older.

I wish I could maintain the positivity and motivation I have at the beginning of every year, and that I wouldn't stress over something I have no control of, such as the end of the year.

Anyway, is this normal?

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  • Seasonal affective disorder baby, happens to a lot of people. It’s mostly associated with depression but it can be anxiety based to. It also sounds like you might be experiencing sensory overload. Talk to a therapist if you can find the time.

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  • Its just another year, nothing else man. Just take it easy.

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