Is it normal i eat extremely little on buffets

Weight loss dude here again. The usual 6’2 and this time weighing in at 196 lbs, was originally over 300. You may have seen some of my posts before.

Now to my lunch situation: I returned to the office a month ago and there we eat buffet every day in the staff canteen. I always take the smallest possible portion to not ruin my weight loss progress. People use to ask me if I’m not hungry or if I don’t like the food as my portions are snack sized. Others eat 5x as much for the same price as they load their plates full. I am reasoning “gotta keep the portions small, or all my progress will go down the drain”. Meanwhile another voice in my head is screaming “you fool, you’re paying for a buffet and not getting your money worth”.

Worth mentioning is that there is one dude who’s really getting his money worth. He doesn’t eat at home at all during weekdays as he loads up 3 plates during lunch + pack a sandwich home for dinner. This makes the voice in my head scream even louder that I’m a fool for just taking a snack, while paying for a buffet…

Sure does suck that they only offer buffet at work.

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