Is it normal i dont have sympathy for people and thier family issues?

I don't really give a damn. I have my own family issues but I usually only bring them up if it's related to a current dilemma or bickering I had with one of my family members. I have had told people about it before and people laughed at me. I didn't care that they laughed. I just was surprised about it. I don't really care about people and generally put on an act to deal with them. When not comforted by something soft and assuring such as an animal I tend to view humans in an extremely clinical sense. Either like a lab rat or something to be examined.

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  • You have discovered that nobody gives a fuck & you are reciprocating that sentiment.

    People will make soothing noises with regard to your problems & some may help you out from time to time. But generally people have their own problems/issues to sort out & do not want or need to be dealing with your shit as well.

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  • Once you grow up a bit you'll realize this isn't as edgy as you were going for dude.

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    • 24 is pretty grown already.

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  • Its all fear, our parents and everyone in the whole world is ruled by fear and we live in denial. Fear of not fitting in, fear of inadequacy, fear of not being good enough, fear of war, fear of losing our jobs and not achieving well enough at school. Then there is denial, we deny that the world is totally wrong and does not care one crumb of comfort for us, only ideals and habits of daily rituals we must fulfill in order to be accepted. It creates a society that fakes the maxims of empty importance, like salesmanship most crap is sold to us on false promises, and we smile as we receive this crap as we hope it will meet at least our expectations.
    This is all about falsehoods and blind hope. People fake life, they fake happiness, convincing themselves they have done good or right, but knowing at all times subconsciously, it's not what they need. And so they clothe themselves in fakery and materialism, and lifestyles that show they have "made it". but the fear of being found out, plagues them and you see all around you people exhausted of hope, faking a life, desperate as you are for something real. You are normal because you understand subconsciously that its all fakery. And we all feel let down, but we cant be weak and dare show it. That's our conditioning.
    I find some comfort from acceptance of life, that it is suffering, its a Buddhist principle. Not a religion of any kind more a set of principles to bring some sense to a world of empty ideals. I feel that a universe that could evolve to such coldness in the hearts of men, is also starved of the one thing that unifies and heals, and had this element not been evolved it would have left life without any consolation. Love is that which we strive for and when we trust in love and that trust is broken, by anyone in our formative years, We slowly reject that trust and lose respect for these people of no truth or care. but if you want to see a planet so devoid of love, and a world that does not encourage co operation, here it is. Hatred and division is forced upon us at birth, fear is instilled within division, to set us apart from school, and school is the finishing school for a life of consumerism and hollow slavery, until which time, that you are too old and weak to do your chores, you are left to rot before death, wondering where the hell your life went. Say No. Instead find people who are real, who cultivate some interest in you. Don't always believe that you will always feel that way, because finding people you can relate to, that do not follow the traditions of a dead life can make you feel something again. From someone who grew up with the same mental observations. Love and due care, like the dystopia cultivated in your soul can bring you back to that all-important realisation, it truly is your one life as you are in all its perfection, and you will not conform to anyone else ideals, and you are free and capable of achieving contentment at the very very least. And in the end, you may hopefully see that those lab rats were just people who are trying to get some real meaning to this existence and are just a little lost, like all of us.

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