Is it normal i don't think being a teenager was that great?

I constantly hear people glorifying the teen years and high school, and see movies and hear music about it as well. Teenage love/first love seems to be a common theme, as well as prom.

Am I the only person who didn't think high school and being a teenager was nearly as special as the media and a lot of people like to portray? It was mainly insecure children being rude to each other for no reason, stupid head games, and the awful age where you care way too much about what everyone thinks of you. My first love was pathetic and there was nothing special to remember or cherish about it, and prom was extremely overrated and boring. No hate towards anyone who had a much better experience or the teenagers anticipating all of these things, but I guess I'm just hoping I didn't actually miss out on much.

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  • My teenage years and early 20s were great. Back when I lived in my old town it seemed like my life was like a movie. We were always doing crazy shit. Nowadays being the sole income provider is so monotonous. Same shit everyday. Work, workout, go to bed.

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  • That's because they peaked in high school.

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  • It sucked, an over emotional phase, over burdened with studies for board exams and all the drama and dangers of being lured to potentially life destroying addictions and stuffs. College life was best for me, hung out with the best people in the world (we did lots of stuffs including travelling to famous and dangerous places), studied stuffs I actually enjoyed and was more i experienced more freedom and flexibility than ever before and was not over burdened with responsibilities that would hit me when i entered my mechanical work life.

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  • Yes!!!! Im nothing like my peers sometimes people just assume what your like when they see you just cause your a teenager

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  • My experience is that college was cool, high school was Hell!

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