Is it normal i don't like any form of media designed to be 'relatable?'

I don't like any media designed to be relatable. No relatable comics, no TV shows that have characters that are easy to relate to, nothing. I only like things where the people aren't relatable, because it's different.

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  • I think the key words here are, "designed to be relatable". I'd rather look at something that has developed more organically, and whether, or not it's something relatable would then just depend on who is reading it, and where that person is at in their own head.

    When I think of something being designed to be relatable I think of a commercial, or some slick marketing campaign. Fuck that noise!

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  • Big into comic books then?

    Nothing wrong with liking non relatable charicters it's different situations than what you are experiencing.

    I would perfer for my protagonist to be fighting an alien warlord than being frustrated waiting in line at a starbucks.

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