Is it normal i don't feel i want to have sex unless i am in love and

That probably won't happen..

This is also a concern for me because I have noticed I have to really either find them attractive emotionally and psychically in order to be aroused or be in love with them, to feel turned on. I also need to trust them 100% and I can't trust people when people are ever so fickle and change from one moment to the next.
I had some strong feelings for someone once, many moons ago and for thr life of me couldn't get them out of my head.
I dont know how ill ever feel truly turned on? I find the body kind of dirty and grotty and can only have sex with someone clean who takes pride in their appearance and washes regularly as well as bein in love.
I can't make myself fall in love and I am worried I won't ever find someone who is my type and vice versa whks clean and that I fall in love and therefore want to go all the way

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  • Yes it’s normal. That’s how I am as well. I’ve had sex with girls I don’t have a connection with and when it’s done I don’t feel good about it. When you’re in love it’s amazing and the best ever. Haven’t been in love in a long time and also stopped having meaningful sex for a long time as well

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    • I domt think ill find someone who is pure and genuine and falls in love with me and its actually mutual..
      I'm worried ill be 30 to 35 yrs in no time and be in same position.

      How to trust people as well? Everyone lies or is 2 faced

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      • Hey don’t think like that I hope you do because I’m 32 and I feel like you feel haha you just need to try to find genuine honest people. I should take my own advice it’s hard especially when you don’t have social media and hardly go out

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        • Yes indeed, thanks very much 🙂

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