Is it normal i do this

sometimes if I accidentally get a little poo on my hand if use the tp wrong, instead of washing my hands I have this weird desire to want to put it somewhere secret, so sometimes ill flick it or smudge it in different areas of the house, usually in places its hard to get to. like under the fridge or behind the couch, or inside the feather pillows. I know its not super normal but like other people do things kinda like this sometimes right?


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  • Sometimes I pee in bed and hide my clothes/blanket in the garage, and under my bed, sometimes for too long that it would eventually smell like a chicken farm lol. My parents shame me when they find out so that’s why I primarily did it. Now I just wash them myself in the bathtub.

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  • Umm, no.

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    • you never hide bodily fluids around the house?

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  • have you ever heard of ecoli? people could get really sick if there is shit all over the house, or if they refuse to wash their hands after they use the bathroom. please stop doing this and clean it all up.

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