Is it normal i dislike baldness

Idk I don't wanna say I hate bald guys but it seems like a defect or shortcoming. Not only they have no hair but they get more heart attacks, prostate issues and most bald men I know are loud or arrogant. When I meet s bald guy it's like a big strike against him already. What you think?

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  • First off your perspective ? Are you male or female ? I assume female how you saying "a strike against him already". For the most part I think you are feeling this way because it's easier to say a certain bunch of guys (i.e. bald guys) instead of having to say something like "the asshole with the beard and the long hair and wearing the same bra you are and so it's a matter of putting people in different categories to easily discard the whole bunch instead of picking thru the good grapes to find the ones already going bad. Just my opinion.
    Oh and by the way, most people are bald because of medical reasons or just for CPomfort. I could say I find women who dislike bald guys are really annoying. But I didnt. Many women these days are losing their fight with follicle retention as well. I started losing my hair at about 19 yrs old. If people dont like it, then I guess I will take you off my Xmas card list and i wont invite you to come stay the night again.

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