IIN: I did this on a cruise and had a blast

I was on a huge cruise ship with at least 15 bars probably more. I'm 21 and I was on vacation with my family, but to be honest I found most of the entertainment hokey and boring because they seemed to be targeting an older crowd :(.

I had bought myself an unlimited drink package, meaning I paid one lump sum and I could get as many drinks as I wanted everyday. So day 2 rolls around and I'm not drunk, but a bit under the influence and happy as a clam.

So, for some reason as I was having fun I thought it'd be funny to spill a drink on someone on purpose and pretend it was an accident. I was nice I ordered a clear cocktail that wouldn't stain and then I purposely bumped into someone and spilled the drink all over them pretending it was an accident, acting all apologetic trying to hold in my laughter.

I started going all over the ship from bar to to bar doing the same thing over and over again all with clear cocktails but OMG it was so fucking funny to see how different people reacted to this. Some got so angry. It was the best vacation ever.

is it normal that I found this hilarious?

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  • I think it would have been funny if they threw you overboard.

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  • I'm surprised you're old enough to drink legally, or is that 21 a typo for 12?

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  • Seems like a very douchy thing to do.
    A prank can be funny when it's a clever joke and not hurting anyone. But potentially ruining someone else's day and their clothes isn't funny. And using a "clear drink" doesen't make it okay. They still smell like an alcoholic afterwards and how do you clean your clothes on a cruise ship?
    I know you were kinda drunk and probably weren't thinking straight, but don't do that again.

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  • I'm sorry but I hate it when people are mean for their own fun

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  • It's only normal for a total douche to find this funny. Purposely spilling your drink on people is completely childish, not to mention stupid. You literally spent all that money to spill drinks. Wow....

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  • Enjoy your drink and quit being a tool!!! Cruise shows are mostly boring. Get your drink on and check out the tits by the pool.

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  • You obviously can't hold your liquor..

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