Is it normal i chose my political beliefs based on the season?

In autumn and winter I’m left-leaning. I’m bisexual and I allow myself to explore only in these two seasons. The political content is only from the left.

In spring and summer I’m conservative. Im only permitted to be straight. I’m pro life and I’ve attended rallies but only in spring and summer. My political content is solely on the right. Lately I’ve been listening to Michael Savage, Lauren Witzke, Nick Fuentes and some other hardcore Christians on the right.

I started this two years ago during the pandemic out of boredom. It was an experiment that I’ve turned into a ritual.

It’s fun seeing the world from a different perspective.

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  • LARPer

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  • I'm really uncomfortable that this post was under the "spiritual" tag. Anyone who considers political leanings to be a spiritual aspect of themselves has a fucked up understanding of what spirituality means

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  • That’s weird.

    And I would have thought autumn would be conservative since it represents old age, and people become more conservative with age.

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    • That's not completely true. Conservatism represents slow change and tradition. Not stagnating. Fall is not decay its preparation for the harsh winter. Which is more apt for what conservatism tends to be.

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      • In Washington there's only a single party. You have left-wing politicians who are aggressive and forceful in doing anything they can to bypass the will of the people and do whatever profits them. Then you have Republican politicians who I'm completely convinced are bondage fetishists. They love constantly surrendering to the left, getting constantly ridiculed and slandered as Nazis and racists and sexists, and the only logical explanation for the actions of Republicans in Washington is that they're getting off on all the abuse they take

        Voters only have two options: vote leftist because you'll be celebrated and sucked off by fucking morons, or vote conservative knowing that nothing of what you want will get implemented with the added bonus of fucking lobotomite cunts unfairly branding you as every variety of -ist or -phobe under the sun

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