Is it normal i care so much what people think?

If anyone dislikes me I feel really horrible about it. I know I cant be friends with everyone but I really want to be. If anyone says ive offended them or they hate me sometimes I start begging for forgiveness. I wish I could just not care, but I do care and I feel horrible when people don't like me.
I try to fit in but most of the time I just end up annoying people. Is there anyone else that's experienced things like this?

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  • I'd say it's not strange or unacceptable in society, but I wouldn't say everybody does it, either. I don't beg for forgiveness, but I dislike people disliking me.

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  • You can't please everyone or come up to their expectations. Don't even try. Just be YOU and don't worry what anyone else thinks of you.

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  • That people pleasing, desperate to be liked streak you have is a cancer growing inside you, dear heart!

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