Is it normal i cant stand my husband? how to know when its over?

Ive been married 18 years, what can I say, I outright dislike him as a person and am disgusted by his sex hang ups.
He started smoking again, whines incessantly about how he hates his job, life isnt fair blah blah… and he wont even help his own father move and Im the one who visits him . He is abrasive and got fired from his last job for punching a guy in the face( security).
Also he said he pretty much hates my natural hair color so I bleached it and damaged it and he doesnt like it short now because I had to cut off the damage( if hed paid for salon it wouldnt have gotten messed up). But he bitches about spending $$$.
Worst of all he has cuck fantasies, he can only get off pretending I’m fucking his brother( whom I despise) or a black guy. He even played games texting me like he was a stranger. Ive told him I dont enjoy this, esp the brother thing but he insists that I like it.
I hate to throw 18 years of my life away but I’m ready to call a lawyer Im just done.
Thoughts? One son and I’m 40. Please help me decide what to do. I havent been happy in a long time.

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  • The fact that your husband gets off to his own sibling is disturbing. That alone is enough to make him divorce material. XD

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  • I think you well and truly answered your own question.

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  • Convince him to try cock & ball torture in the bedroom and vent all your frustrations out on his junk

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    • Ngl ive consierd it!

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  • This guy is a loser with a capital L!

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  • This is the first time in recent memory that I've told someone to end a relationship where no one was getting hurt, but holy shit. Get rid of this asshole. If your son is young or really sensitive you might try an ultimatum, but it will have to be one hell of an ultimatum and the cuckold fantasy has to go. He is probably a severe porn addict and that needs to go as well. Ideally the ultimatum should be impossible for him to comply with and happen only so you can be rid of him guilt-free.

    Honestly given the cuck thing you should give special consideration to which outcome will cause him to spend the least time with your son. I hate the idea of a father and son being separated but he's likely to put some wrong ideas in the boy's head as he gets older, and maybe permissive about his access to pornography as a teenager.

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  • He is extremely submissive, you can take advantage of this by forcing him to become your toilet slave, you will be feeding him your waste and he will not last long from that

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  • Get moving. The 18 years are already gone.

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