Is it normal i cant gain motivation back for life?

No matter how hard I try I cant ? I have anxiety for years now, pulsing stomach,exhaustion. I work lawns and gardening but I'm so sick of it tbh. I wake up with 0 energy, will and have inflammation beginning from my anxiety. My racey heart just kicks in and I always feel bloated and tight guts. Nothing takes it away. I feel fckd and I'm over fuking the chores every day, including errands and living day to day financially.
At this time mum wants to get house ready for sale in a year. So on my weekends not only I have hoise chores but sanding, painting and every other cunty thing to do. I'm so so TIRED! Is this fuking life? What a shit hole. I regret not taking more opportunities as a teenager as now I'm stick in a rat race, always running from A to B to compete tasks. I do Not want to carry life on. I am close to the edge and I doubt I'll be here in my 30s. I dont want to work my life away and I'm to tired literally. How the fucl fo people do this shit? Mum is mad all because I said I dont want to waste my energy on the house, take it slow. Fuck her and fuck this world 🖕👎

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