Is it normal i can't get a job no matter how hard i try?

I am one of the few lucky people who did not have to work through college. I'm out of school now and I am applying for jobs, but no one wants to hire me. I've tried jobs related to my degree as well as simple minimum wage jobs but no dice. I'm willing to work full-time, part-time, temp, holidays, overtime, etc. Yet, everyone is telling me no. I keep hearing about how "no one wants to work" but no one wants to hire either.

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  • I have no idea how people who apply for dozens, if not hundreds of jobs a month keep their sanity. I've read enough horror stories of college graduates who had good grades, a STEM degree, and did everything Mom and Dad and society told them to, just to struggle so hard anyway. It's suicide fuel for me just thinking about the rat race people willingly participate in.

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  • How are you applying? It's possible that your applications aren't reaching the right person or aren't getting through. Varying your method might help.

    Also, check your resume for mistakes. I know someone who got nowhere with his applications because his resume didn't have his contact details on it.

    Also, have you tried the old-fashioned way of asking around? People often like to do a friend a favour if they can...

    Taking my resume to workplaces in person and introducing myself got me a job once.

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  • It can be frustrating and disheartening to have difficulty finding a job, especially if you are putting in a lot of effort and are not seeing the results that you hope for. However, it is important to recognize that finding a job can be a challenging process for many people, and there are many factors that can affect an individual's job search, including the job market, the individual's qualifications and experience, and their job search strategies.

    If you are having difficulty finding a job, it may be helpful to review your job search strategies and consider whether there are any areas where you can improve. For example, you could:

    Review and update your resume and cover letter to make sure they are tailored to the positions you are applying for and highlight your relevant skills and experience.
    Network with others in your field or industry to learn about potential job openings or get advice on your job search.
    Consider seeking out additional education or training to improve your qualifications and increase your competitiveness in the job market.
    It may also be helpful to speak with a career counselor or other professional for additional guidance and support. They can help you identify any areas where you might be able to improve your job search and provide additional resources and strategies to help you find employment.

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  • You didn't say what your degree was in, what level of degree it was, or how long you've been trying. It's kind of important.

    In general, though, you don't "try hard" to get a job, you just keep applying until you get one. There's tons of stuff you can do to increase your odds, but you don't stop applying, and you definitely don't start applying to crap like minimum wage jobs. Absolutely fuckin' not.

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  • If you live in the US try Target. Their starting wage is 15 an hour and managers can make 19-24 an hour. If it's a higher volume location the starting wage is 17 and managers can make up to 26 an hour.

    The downside is that not all Targets are equal with hours. One store might give you only part time while another will give out full time or over time like candy. The one I work at gives me plenty of hours. XD

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  • Try begging, if that doesn't work try robbing people. Good luck.

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  • Also, volunteering or looking for an internship in a field related to the one you want to go into should give you a track record for basic professionalism stuff like turning up to work on time and sober and being pleasant and helpful, and a history of duties you'll have carried out and problems you'll have solved, to talk about at interview.

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    • I get what you’re trying to say, but the people need money to survive. No internship is worth it if you’re not offered pay or insurance.

      I had to leave my field of study during covid and I couldn’t find a job in my field for months. I took a maintenance job for $24 an hour and I love it. I’d like to go back to my career at some point but I’m still comfortable.

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  • Easy. If you're in the US, do grubhub or doordash. All you have to do is sign up and you can already start driving. You can make a lot of money by doing food deliveries.

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  • UPS, FedEX, Amazon will definitely hire right now since its peak season. The starting wage is good. When I started it was only 8 an hour. Now theyre starting at 20.

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  • Yes. It's taken me years. Main issue being social skills.
    Many people go unemployed long periods of time. Eventually you find something. Try to do something meaningful meanwhile.

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  • It took me 2 years of sending out 10 applications every month to find a job after my first one let me go.

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