Is it normal i can't along with anyone?what disorder do i have?

Stuff that gets me screaming and irate

cashiers looking at me weird

My fibromyalgia

My sister not turning the close caption exactly when I wanted her to because she was peeing.

my sister saying I don't want to fight with you when I asked her to move out of my way.

My sister my new roommate , thinks she has a right to watch tv at night and pee and shower when she wants.She is not paying any rent and is a slob.My stepson likes her.

No one follows my ocd rules about germs seriously

The dog barking

Any loud noises whatsoever .

all of my coworkers are slackers. I have to get them in trouble at work.

When people mumble or talk too fast

when my fiancé does not move fast enough

My fiancé spending 20 dollars on his son.

when I KNOW my stepson was lying about where the remote was and it ruins the whole eveing because it turned out he was telling the truth.

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  • You're petty and you have anger issues.

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  • Anger issues, irritability, anxiety and perhaps more.

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  • Do society a favor. Isolate yourself from all people.

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  • You sound petty and perennially unhappy. Have you thought of changing your perspective some of the time?

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  • You sound awful.

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  • Try seeing a therapist or any mental health expert

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  • I'd go with anger issues. Most of these sound like personality traits and circumstance. Sharing your living space with other people can be infuriating and you're all bound to get annoyed by each other. Not everything has to be explained by a diagnosis.

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  • I'll save you a lot of reading.
    You're a bitch.

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  • Maybe you just got a short temper but reading those I can relate that those can sometimes make me mad too. People looking at me piss me off so hard. I always dirty look them back and if they don't look away I lift my shirt up and show them my knife and they always do then. Sick fucks.
    Muscle pain can easily make anyone upset and being in pain can easily make you lash out or be mad and sometimes being in pain for a long time can make you feel depressed. Which then again can make you have reactions to things that make you seem not yourself. It’s a thing thats stressful and will be stressing so maybe that’s a possible reason for the anger.
    maybe the pain or stress from something is making you mad easily, or maybe your just that way. Usually I get worse when there’s something already bothering me cause anyone can only take so much. Maybe you got stress normally, life got you down or whatever and so little things make you over the top.

    Not sure about the whole peeing part but I wouldn’t wanna see your sister pee so, same I guess. I get mad when someone wants to start shit ain’t nobody got time for games.
    Slobs make me mad too I’d kick her out in a heart beat wouldn’t be able to stand that. Sometimes the best thing to do is get rid of the things that bother you I dropped a ton of people out of my life past few years and live drama free Won’t see me complaining. I’m happy having a few friends than a lot of fakes.

    When people don’t care about hygiene or germs it can bother me I don’t like being around peoples kids cause then they touch me with there dirty booger face and leave messes everywhere touch themselfs then me it’s gross, I don't have OCD tho just like being clean.
    I don’t like liers they also make me mad and I hate loud noises they either scare me or piss me off I’ve always had sensitive ears. Dogs can be very annoying real quick. I don’t like when people are slow say walking in front of me or if I’m in a hurry and they take there time. Or if I tell someone to do something and they hold it off it’ll set me off. I feel like all these are things that can make anyone mad maybe we both have a short fuse but these are things that drive me crazy too. Especially kids like making a mess and interupting and screaming. Don’t get me wrong I want kids but it’s other peoples they never listen and are lil spoiled shits I cannot stand kids. Sometimes it takes a lot until I’m mad while other times things like these make me mad instantly. I can be happy as ever but catch someone staring and I’ll instantly get pissed off or someone who can’t drive. Being yelled at is always a big one just instant reaction most the time while other times give me 20 I’ll eventually get super pissed. If for some reason this isn’t normal than that makes two of us. But everyones different maybe Slow people make us mad while other people don’t mind yet they may be upset about something small while it wouldn’t bother me. But from something like this I really do find this to be normal I doubt there’s a illness connected to it.

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  • Sounds like a cocktail of paranoia, OCD (like you said), and anxiety.

    If you're gonna use the internet for a mental diagnosis, perhaps it would be best to sort of the individual symptoms, and then scan over some mental illnesses that fit the bill.

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  • You might have a personality disorder. The only ones that I think you may have based on what you have said may either be Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder. The only way to be sure though is to be diagnosed by a phycologist.

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder characterized by grandiosity, a lack of empathy for others, and a need for admiration. People with NPD are often said to be arrogant, self-centered, manipulative, and demanding. People with the disorder may also think they deserve special treatment. 50% - 75% of people with this disorder are male.

    Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is another disorder characterized by pervasive instability in moods, interpersonal relationships, self-image, and behavior. People with BPD can have unstable relationships that can go from a idealization to devaluation. A person with BPD will tend to idealize someone until a conflict occurs and switch to the other extreme and angrily accuse the other person for not caring for them at all. 75% of diagnosed cases are female.

    I'm not a doctor and the information I gave was from
    I strongly recommend that you got to a psychologist to get diagnosed as it does seem like there may be something wrong with you even if it isn't one of the two things I found.

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