Is it normal i can’t stand

I hate when I’m working & my coworkers interrupt what I’m doing to make small talk about stupid things. And they’re always laughing at things that aren’t funny or telling jokes that aren’t funny. There are a few coworkers that I like but secretly most of them drive me mad. I smile and fake laugh but I don’t understand why everyone’s always acting like everything is hilarious. It’s exhausting. Is there something wrong with me because I don’t feel the need to stay after work and talk?

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  • Small talk is for small minds.

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  • And in reality they are all fake smiles and fake laughter too

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  • I would recommend not pretending. Then they’ll probably stop pestering you.

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  • I hated that at an old job. Even when I had headphones in and was working hard/fast people would still come bother me to show me something on their snapchat TL or make a dumb joke. I just learned to put on a mask at work and act like a cool friendly guy. I don’t miss it.

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  • This is a known massive problem with cubicles. They may make cheap office areas; but there is a noticeable reduction in productivity for the vast majority of people.

    Individual offices have the highest productivity because people naturally leave people in offices alone more than they do in cube-land.

    As far as the stupid jokes... That's just human nature; and they probably think your jokes are stupid too.

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  • Op, life of the party.

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