Is it normal i am unfunny and not trying to be funny

I am born unfunny. I've seen some unfunny people of my level tried so hard to be funny even though they're obviously not. They looked up tips on how to be funny when they're not. Those actually funny and witty people who provided tips encouraged these unfunny people to try harder and gave some tips rather than just telling those unfunny people to just simply embrace their unfunny existences. I always thought being funny is a natural part of your personality. It comes as a bonus package when you're out of your mom's womb. You can't simply force yourself to be one when you aren't gifted with that package.

It's like these unfunny people I've seen tried to be somebody else they're not. Why do people find it so important to be funny? Does society frown upon those who are unfunny because these people are a bunch of snore-fests to interact and to be in a platonic or romantic relationship with.

Am I a disgrace as a person for not trying to be one when I know I am not born that way? Am I doomed to be a boring person for the rest of my life for not changing myself to be a cool clown even though I know for the fact that I suck at joking and accept it for who I am? Does society wants me to be somebody I am not? I am confused.

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  • Well, now that you have self-identified as the unfunny guy, you're doomed to ever learning to be funny. You have dug your own grave. Being funny is a learned skill more so than you think. Sounds to me like you want an excuse to play the victim and feel oppressed by society or norms or whatever.

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    • I am not playing the victim. I am just wondering why I should try to be funny when I am clearly not. I tried to be funny about once and twice back then, but ended up feeling like a person I am not meant to be. Being funny no doubt has bigger advantages in social situation. However, I befriended some people through other method like sharing the same interest for instance, though requires a bit more efforts compared to being funny of course.

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  • I think humor is seen as a socially desirable trait. It communicates confidence, an ability to read & poke at social norms, and the type of self awareness required for self deprication. All of that shit puts people at ease, but it's absolutely not a requirement for social interaction.

    There's tons of valuable traits, things people genuinely appreciate, that have nothing to do with empathy, intelligence, self awareness & thoughtfulness. The list goes on. Being humorless does not make you boring. Maybe you have interesting thoughts, or compelling knowledge of subjects people find interesting. It might seem like people view humor as a requisite for an interesting conversation, but that's only true because humor (bad humor, at that) is often an ingredient in small talk, but small talk is pretty bullshit. In a real conversation, you aren't required to be funny & witty, just interesting.

    I mean, if you aren't into humor, just embrace it. I enjoy talking to people like that. It's so, so, so much worse seeing someone who just isn't funny trying to be funny.

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    • You're lucky since you're born witty. I love jokes. I know being funny is a desirable trait because people will view you as a fascinating and entertaining person to be around in a heartbeat when you're actually one. I love watching and listening to comedy occasionally. I love laughing to my actually funny friend's jokes. It's just that I don't want to be and not trying to be funny myself because I know I am not the creative, witty type. I know my place. I'd rather just be an 'audience' who laughs at the punchlines than trying to tell one but ended up making a dumbass out of myself. I do get jealous towards unfunny people I admit but I respect them for possessing such a desirable trait.

      "In a real conversation, you aren't required to be funny & witty, just interesting."

      This is assuring. Thank you!

      "It's so, so, so much worse seeing someone who just isn't funny trying to be funny."

      Agreed. Hence why it bothers me when I saw those of my unfunny species were trying so hard to be ones by seeking tips and guidances about it. It's sad how they looked desperate trying to fit in with the funny bunch rather than embracing for who they really are. These try hard unfunny people made me wonder whether I am in the wrong for not acting the same way as them by seeking the knowledge of humor.

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  • Most people are funny just different types of humor, if you're shy and stuff it's harder to be funny but most people have it in them but it kind of takes social confidence to show it. On the other hand some people uses humor to mask their insecurity. As long as you have humor to begin with, and you probably know what makes you laugh, you just gotta learn to use that humor yourself.

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