Is it normal i am scared of talking to women?

I'm an 18 male and an very scared of talking to women. Especially women I don't know. Talking to guys has always been so much easier. Why is this?

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  • Very normal. Dating and relating to the opposite sex is one of the hardest things for adolescents. Relax, be yourself, and don’t be afraid to say that you’re just not into a particular person. Also, you need to deal with rejection as a learning experience.

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  • That's normal. At 18 you're inexperienced with dating, so it's perfectly normal to be apprehensive around women, especially when it comes to approaching them.

    If I were you, I'd focus on yourself for the time being. Work out, accrue wealth, stay on purpose. When you're younger, women hold all the dating cards. But as a man's stock rises, so will his value on the dating market.

    Don't get distracted by mediocre women. Learn to put yourself on that pedastal, because the harsh reality is that as a guy, no-one else will.

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  • I dunno, you tell us why it's difficult for you to talk to women. Women are people just like men; women are human beings. What's the big deal? Just say, "hey, how's it going". It's not rocket science.

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  • You have an inferiority complex

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  • It's normal, when I was your age I was too scared of them I was the one who was an introvert I was always an awkward person I never knew what to say.

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