Is it normal i am much more awesome in my head than in reality

I feel that God put me in the wrong body. In my mind i am edgy, cool, hilarious, strong, fun, wise, experienced and aggressive, tall, athletic

But in reality i am scrawny, pale, lazy, boring, weak, lonely, premature ejaculator, depressed and nervous and even when i talk to people i am dumb, nerdy, socially retarded, novice and slow
Is this nornal at all

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  • I never had confidence or much self worth even if I was attractive. Now I'm older I love myself more even if I don't look like I did when guys used to tell me I was hot. I never felt hot and now I just like how I am:)

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  • You can change almost EVERYTHING on your list of things that you don't like about yourself. So get going.

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  • We all do that to get through the day.

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  • I don't understand how you're confident in your thoughts but at the same time you decided you are awkward and dumb in reality?

    Did someone burst your bubble?

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  • Yep in my head i have super powers.

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  • Aren't we all?
    Fuck, I could have written this...

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    • You're edgy cool hilarious strong fun wise experienced aggressive

      Add smart thoughtful handsome offensive loyal hardworking genius smells like ham tough sweary boss pants pump ya own watahhhhh

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  • Everyone's a little bit cooler in their own head. Just don't go all Walter Mitty on anyone; I've been down that road before, and it's not a fun way to live. It's just escapism, pure and simple, and it's tough to leave it all behind and actually find yourself. You might end up becoming a guy who frequents this site and asks questions about having sex with dogs wearing his mother's wedding dress in a bathtub full of gravy if you don't go out there and become who you were meant to be, to do what it is to do that you must do to become yourself, to become that person who does what needs to be done to become the person that you need to be, to be who it is that does what the person who you intend to be needs to do.

    To be is to do.

    To do is to be.

    Do be do be do.

    We are all like blocks of marble that need to be sculpted by the hand of life to see what lies within. Some of us have more to work with with than others, but ultimately, we must shape ourselves and be shaped by the elements.

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  • Why don't you just try to be more a ideal version of yourself but in the motions of doing so also recognize who you truly are and aren't.

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  • Since you are so skinny if you were to workout like me all that effort and muscle will show easily through your thin skin because you have a lack of fat covering it. You'll get more chicks, you and I have it easy.

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